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i don't know shit about ruby or web technology but it's cool how precompiling assets fails sometimes with no message, but running it again says it's already done and there's nothing to do

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Ow something stung the fuck out of my hip while I was sunbathing

dorf game 

Gotta keep eagle eyes on one of my dorfs cuz she’ll go down to the temples and worship for days on end instead of working. She’s pretty weird

instance admin question 

what hosting provider do y'all use? prices, specs, etc?


Woke up in the future
Wasn’t nothing shiny and new
The world of tomorrow
Both battered and abused
Robots riddled with rust
Circuits gathering dust
Waiting in the twilight for you
This is the used future

dorf game 

Hmmmmm… ballista battery corridor… 🤤

@LongTomSilver Yes

I dunno shit about cutting hair but I got the clippers out for my pardner just last weekend and didn’t fuck it up too bad. I will shear all the boys :googlemuscleR:

maybe like a buzz on the sides and leave the top a little long kinda like a caj mohawk idk would that look dumb, do you think i could pull it off

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Acer Predator G7 (various models)

A series of gaming PCs made and marketed by Acer in the early 10's.

One of the few gamer aesthetic things that I actually kinda dig, and the weirdness and impracticality add to the charm IMO.

- Dzuk

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