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@LongTomSilver Yes

I dunno shit about cutting hair but I got the clippers out for my pardner just last weekend and didn’t fuck it up too bad. I will shear all the boys :googlemuscleR:

maybe like a buzz on the sides and leave the top a little long kinda like a caj mohawk idk would that look dumb, do you think i could pull it off

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i hate it when my daily walk is obstructed by the gaseous chasm-cat

Acer Predator G7 (various models)

A series of gaming PCs made and marketed by Acer in the early 10's.

One of the few gamer aesthetic things that I actually kinda dig, and the weirdness and impracticality add to the charm IMO.

- Dzuk

I finished it! After 1 year of stitching (with a break for a minor WoW stint), I finished converting this #pixelart scene to #crossstitch. It’s the biggest stitch I’ve ever done, 8x10 inches on 18-count Aida, bringing it in at over 25,000 stitches. I stabbed this piece of fabric over 100,000 times.

dorf game rambling 

my chief mason is a badass. she was attacked by an alligator shortly after we settled and nearly died, but our completely untrained physician saved her. her body is covered in scars, including a huge, jagged one over her right eye. she may be blind in that eye, as her health summary says she has sensory nerve damage. she can't stand without a crutch (i should have a nice steel one made for her). she's described as a "hardened individual"

when newton was sat under a fruit tree and apple fell onto his head, he had a genius idea 

incoming hostile apple-detection device warning headset with apple neutralisation laser system

I wamt
My favorite pastime is customizing computers in online stores then not buying them

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under communism, i am constantly blasting ropes

this is making the rounds and I'm clearly [Unidentifiable]
(tag yourself)

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