my fursona is a mouse only because they tell us what you want. What you really really want

Love running a svn dump all night only to find I messed up the wildcards in the morning

@josephespana that price tag is absurd. The only special part is the seat itself, the rest of it is just a normal chair

@bulkington oh they fucked alright, it’s just that Tolkien was catholic and didn’t know about sex so he didn’t write it

The titular ring is the love circle of Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, et al

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Remember UMPCs? Shit was cool. The future sucks. Now all we have is small computer with only a screen and computer that folds in half

Oh it’s the scene where he’s in a tank top and dyeing Marie’s hair. Damn he looks good

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body mod 

@caymanwent owie. Serious answer: they hurt a lot and take a long time to heal. I got mine almost 2 years ago I think and they still act up from time to time. But damn they look good

Look at that subtle colouring.
The tasteful thickness.
It even has a watermark.

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